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Live CD/USB -STEA Edition v 05.2011

Live CD/USB -STEA Edition v 05.2011 | 744 Mb

Updatedand corrected version of Live CD / USB STEA Edition of 12.06.2011, theoriginal emergency resuscitation build WinPE based on winbuilderNikzzzz, able to boot and work properly on the PC, available RAM from128 MB. Changes in version small but rather important! Learn more - inUPDATE 08 Plus!

Live CD/USB -STEA Edition v 05.2011

The main distinguishing features compared to similar products:
- The ability to form the installation of wim-file to load and work properly on the PC, available RAM 128 MB
- Availability of simple schemes of user customization, which allows toinstall and secure! system parameters SteaPE and some basicconfiguration interface
- Availability of the automatic adjustment of operating system settings to a different volume of RAM PC
- Placing all the major components of Live CD (except for startupfiles) in the same directory that greatly simplifies the use of anassembly consisting of a multi-boot systems, or as emergencyresuscitation system on the hard disk PC, in addition to the primary OS.
- Full-featured support for 3G modems HUAWEI all the major GSM operators in Russia.

Interface and shell WinPE standard, without reducing the permissions and settings of graphic elements.

- CD Content -

WinPE STEA Edition
Multimedia Live WIM-assembly based on Windows XP. Quick download anduse. There is support for basic network connectivity options includingWi-Fi, Internet and multimedia. Includes support for SATA / SCSI / RAID.

Acronis Backup & Recovery Workstation v.10.0.11639 (rus)
Program for backup and disaster recovery workstations and laptops running Windows.

Acronis B & RW v.10.0.11639 (rus) NoAcpi NoApic NoFw Mode
Download Acronis Backup & Recovery Workstation v.10.0.11639 in a special mode:
- Acpi = off - disabled ACPI power management subsystem
- Noapic - disable APIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller)
- Nofw - not support an interface FireWire (IEEE1394)

Acronis True Image ES 9.7 (8398)
True Image solves the problem of backing up data - both individual files and folders and entire drives or partitions.

Acronis Disk Director Server v.10 (2169)
ADDS - simple and easy to use program to manage partitions and harddisks. Incorporates all the most popular disk management functions,partition recovery tools and utility control the boot partition.

Hirens BootCD 10.6 / cupping /

PLOP Boot Manager
PLOP - manager for operational select the boot device. In addition itaccelerates the USB-boot the PC, no USB 2.0 mode at startup.
PLOPcan help in the initiation of USB-boot to BIOS, no USB-boot. On someversions of BIOS USB-boot mode may not work correctly.
The correct option - it is the inclusion of USB 2.0 mode and return to the boot menu.

Memtest 4.20
BIOS Uniflash
Victoria 3.52 DOS
PE Program
Portable Program

The structure of the archive include 3 files:
- STEA_Live_0511_plus.iso
- UPD_STEA_Live_0511_to_0511_plus.exe - DELTA-patch on the previousversion STEA_Live_0511.iso, transforming it into a new version ofSTEA_Live_0511_plus.iso
- ESET_4.2.msi - Distribution latestversions on the antivirus ESET NOD32, for which the assembly isimplemented the ability to install and 100% of the full extent of itsfunctions: protecting the file system in real-time protection ofInternet access, protection from spyware.

Summary of differences between versions of the 0511 version of 0411:
1. Teach version with an extended version drayverpak Mass Storage boot on 128 MB RAM
2. Updated modules and database vendors. For that my thanks and sonty9 Yurkesha
3. For the option of placing the assembly on WRITEABLE media has afunction odnoklikovogo a quick (without repacking wim-core), saving aconsiderable part of WinPE configuration and auto-use changes duringsubsequent boots.
Remain almost fully change the registry hivesSoftware and Default. Saved the changes and System Security, but theiravtoispolzovanie next boot into form distribution to trekkers blocked.
While maintaining the registry or separately can perform conservation c follow custom startup Documents and Settings.
Provides relief of the changes saved the config and RESET assembly to its original state.
4. To customize under itself in the system added a very handy tool -ButtonBar from a reputable AZJIO, allowing easy modification of userapplications.
In the version with WRITEABLE support even store doesnot need anything - just add or remove buttons you needed on the panelby dragging the executable files or shortcuts. Activation optionsButtonBar - automatic loading via marker ButtonBar.ini or manual (onebutton on the desktop runs on / off panel).
5. Added utility HostNIC for quick pull-out of network drivers from the standard Windows. Thank VVV2006 for tip-off.

Whats new in version 0511 Plus
1. Changes made to all versions of 0511 defects identified during testing.
2. Changed startup script network services. As a result of increased stability of a VPN connection.
3. Along the way, added the ability to retain and use in subsequent boots polzovatelkie options for VPN and modem connections.
When you run the script Save Doc and Settings (the label is on thedesktop and Start menu) saves all settings and options for newly createdconnections except username and password.
4. By analogy with theversion available in 0511 includes a group of desktop shortcuts DeskTopLinks, which is renamed the DeskTop, added includes a group oflabels for a network of NETLink.
In these groups, you can easily change or add your own shortcuts. To do this, there are two ways:
1) - when the team just dial on their own right on the desktop of itsnew structure, which will be automatically saved when you shut down thegroup.
It is important! Save changes to the groups performedseparately, ie only when the changes and one of the groups. If you haveenabled both groups, the changes are not saved with the command Offruns only off the bands!
2) - change the composition of the groupsdesktop shortcut, you can simply change the composition of the directory STEA SETTINGS DESKTOP and STEA SETTINGS NETLINK.
5. The composition of tools for networking added to labels:
--- Logging for VPN connections, you can edit under itself (do not forget to preserve a Save Doc and Settings);
--- Run the wizard to create new connections;
--- Start PeNetwork in edit mode profiles.

Checksums CD
MD5: B254A1E47C90A938BD4D02A56D077D6A
CRC32: 92526CAC

Year: 2011
Platform: WinPE
Developer: stea.61
Bit depth: 32bit
System requirements: RAM 128 MB
Language: Russian, English
Medicine: cured or is not required
Size: 744.71 MB


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