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Views: 2454 Category: Software » System Tools
USB Reanimator by edcop v.5 (x86/x64)

USB Reanimator by edcop v.5 (x86/x64) | 7,03 Gb

Animator going for their own needs and constantly improved. It is based on fresh and Alkid SonyaPE (winPE best in my opinion), in addition to the assembly includes the tools needed to restore various versions of Windows and utilities for testing hardware. Also present are popular distros Windows XP Dracula87/Bogemia Edition and Windows 7 by m0nkrus.
Views: 3422 Category: Software » System Tools
Hirens Boot CD 14.1 Restored Edition + USB Installation Guide

Hirens Boot CD 14.1 Restored Edition + USB Installation Guide | 1,8 Gb

Hiren’s Boot CD is a vast collection of bootable and portable utilities for the management, diagnosis and repair of computer problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords.
Views: 1536 Category: Software » System Tools
VMware vCenter Server v5-ZWTiSO

VMware vCenter Server v5-ZWTiSO | 1,92 Gb

VMware vCenter Server provides a scalable and extensible platform that forms the foundation for virtualization management. VMware vCenter Server, formerly VMware VirtualCenter, centrally manages VMware vSphere environments allowing IT administrators dramatically improved control over the virtual environment compared to other management platforms.
VMware vCenter Server:
Views: 2321 Category: Software » System Tools
Boot DVD/USB Strelec WinPE (03.2012) [ENG]

Boot DVD/USB Strelec WinPE (03.2012) [ENG] | 980 Mb

Bootable CD based on WinPE 3.1 to work with hard drives, backup and restore, fix problems with loading.
Views: 1717 Category: Software » System Tools
Activation Win7 2012 4.0

Activation Win7 2012 4.0 | 280 Mb

All methods of activation in this distribution are tested after the "anti-piracy" Update KB971033 DG Win & Soft offers a complete collection of programs and ways to activate Windows 7. All methods and programs have personally tested many times and we can safely recommend them to you.
Views: 1613 Category: Software » System Tools
SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence

SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence | 3,36 Gb

SQL Server 2012 will provide Mission Critical Confidence with greater uptime, blazing-fast performance and enhanced security features for mission critical workloads; Breakthrough Insight with managed self-service data exploration and stunning interactive data visualizations capabilities; Cloud On Your Own Terms by enabling the creation and extension of solutions across on-premises and public cloud.
Views: 1443 Category: Software » System Tools
Avanquest PowerDesk Professional v8.4.5.0 Multilingual

Avanquest PowerDesk Professional v8.4.5.0 Multilingual | 174 Mb

PowerDeskВ® Pro is the easy, fast and expert way to organize and manage the files, digital photos, MP3s and web images on your PC. With far more features and functions than the standard Windows file manager or other file management software, PowerDeskВ® Pro gives you the tools to search, edit, track, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view, convert and more!
Views: 1980 Category: Software » System Tools
Microsoft Aktivator 2012 (Eng/Rus)

Microsoft Aktivator 2012 (Eng/Rus) | 157 Mb

Year: 2012
Title: Microsoft Aktivator
In the original: Aktivator_by_bvv
Developer: HE
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0
Language: ENG / RUS
Views: 1596 Category: Software » System Tools
VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012

VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012 | 1,78 Gb

Bootable USB drive to work and restore the system. Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a lightweight ("lite") version of Windows XP, run from any media of sufficient capacity - including read-only. The system is designed to prepare the computer to install the full OS. With WinPE you can split your hard disk partitions and format them to gain access to the LAN and the existing sections, including having to NTFS, and try to restore the system and save the data.
Views: 1472 Category: Software » System Tools
RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 by NIKZZZZ CD/DVD (04.2012)

RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 by NIKZZZZ CD/DVD (04.2012)

RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 by NIKZZZZ CD/DVD (04.2012) | 2,11 Gb

Windows RusLive - one of the fastest Live CD. Loaded for 1 min. 30 seconds! All are loaded into RAM. Not all programs will be run at a specified minimum memory. Build automatically supports multi-core processors.
In the boot menu, DVD-version contains Acronis (ADDSRV 10.2169 RU + ATIES 9.7.8206 RU), Passware Windows Key Enterprise Edition 9.3b815 and GeeXBoX Open Media Center (v.1.2.4 & 2.0), as well as an expanded catalog of drivers for sound cards , a list of programs is attached below.
Views: 1486 Category: Software » System Tools
MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 v3.0 (En/Ru)

MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 v3.0 (En/Ru)

MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 v3.0 (En/Ru) | 13,2 Gb

MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 3.0 - a multiboot flash drive, replacing CD drive, from Windows to a flash drive. Will install Windows from a flash drive or boot from a flash drive as a conventional hard drive, the boot menu MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 3.0 also includes many kinds of programs and utilities.
Views: 1537 Category: Software » System Tools
Windoza Fan USB by Puhpol 2012

Windoza Fan USB by Puhpol 2012

Windoza Fan USB by Puhpol 2012 | 859 MB

Windoza Fan USB - A set of files to create a multiboot stick. With the help of the media can install Win 7, the cure system of extortion by SMS, downloading restore sistemy.Kopirovat, recover data or discs.
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