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ETKA (2012) + ASSEMBLY | 7,82 Gb

Electronic catalog ETKA 7.3 contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars of concern VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minivans.

Extras. Information:

Download version 3 is not required, choose only the version you intend to use it.
The basic version of ETKA 7.3 INTERNATIONAL 2012, which I rekomenduyu.Po default, we are talking about it.


Pre-update: VW / AU - 891, SK - 425, SE - 419.
On the x64 is not (only through virtualke or HP Virtual Mode)
Downloading instructions, read carefully.
WARNING! In the early proposed to remove all previous versions, when you press the Y (yes), then delete C: \ Etka, D: \ Etka, E: \ Etka, F: \ Etka Without this, the installation goes no further.
In the distribution folder is: auto-update, update, and a shortcut on the desktop.
This version can not update, and run from the label "ETKA 7.3, discarding the date"
Can be installed on drive C:, D:, E: and F:
Ability to set any price, except the German.
For those wishing to use the German price, you must download the version ETKA 7.3 2012 Germany
Slightly optimized file structure, to reduce the size.
Version set to grab penguins from disk in the folder FGST, additional configuration do not need anything.

ETKA 7.3 GERMANY 2012 differences:

The basic price is German, but the advantage is doubtful, since the hand is not convenient to calculate their own cost tsenu.Dolzhen price on the computer would immediately show up your discount price.
Also, it has a bug with the slowdown for a few seconds to 3-4 times when switching between brands, INTERNATIONAL devoid of such drawbacks.
Update their own and are not compatible with the version of ETKA 7.3 INTERNATIONAL 2012.

Building the differences:

The assembly was made for the company RVV-AUTO and its customers and spread out as it is.
It is based on version of ETKA 7.3 2012 INTERNATIONAL
It is intended for the sellers of auto parts and includes the latest updates at the time of assembly, the last base of guilty to the 550t. units and additional photos taken with Tekar project, for which many thanks to him.
Easier installation and maximum compressed self-extracting distribution in 7z archive.

Unpacking is possible only on the C drive

1.2 In the distribution version of the update ETKA 7.3 GERMANY 2012.V therefore changed the folder structure, I apologize to download that are not foreseen this before, and brought some inconveniences.
Please re-download the torrent file.
Posted in INTERNATIONAL 2.3 update, and refresh in GERMANY
Posted by 14.3 updates for February
Posted by 11.4 updates for March + on request raddy made idiot-proof, and renamed the main folder of ETKA 7.3 Etka in 2012 *** + add the assembly for the sellers of auto parts.


If you want to download ETKA (2012) + ASSEMBLY for free, without registration and SMS then you have not made a mistake and ended up at the desired site in the category Software » Graphics & Design you want and you can download just the material that you need. To download to your computer ETKA (2012) + ASSEMBLY you will need to click on the links, which are located at the bottom of this page. If you click on the link for free sms without registration at the bottom of our site you will be able download free at speed on

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