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Solidworks 2012 Sp0.0 x32-x64 Multi + Sp2.0 Inc Tutorials (New 04.16)
Solidworks 2012 Sp0.0 x32-x64 Multi + Sp2.0 (New 04.16)
Solidworks 2012 Sp0.0 Win32-64 Multilanguage + UPDATE SP 2.0 + Tutorials - Video - SolidProfessor | 11 GB + 13.3 Gb + 15.6 GB

3D DESIGN SOFTWARE ? SolidWorks CAD helps design teams around the world bring their ideas to life. SolidWorks is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to navigate, letting users concentrate on their designs, not their CAD software.
Solidworks 2012 Sp0.0 Win32-64 Multilanguage:
The benefit is simple?SolidWorks? 2012 will help you design faster and do your job better.
With SolidWorks 2012, you can work more efficiently and have the data you need to make better design decisions throughout your product development process.

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. (DS SolidWorks) provides complete and intuitive 3D solutions for product design, analysis, and data management. With more than 1,400,000 users at over 136,800 locations around the world, SolidWorks gives design teams, educators and students the tools they need to transform innovation into business success.

DESIGN VALIDATION ? SolidWorks Simulation allows design teams to simulate how designs will perform in the real world without having to build costly prototypes, helping to reduce costs and time to market.

PRODUCT DATA MANAGEMENT ? SolidWorks PDMWorks helps design teams manage product data, share design information, automate workflows, and improve collaboration. Lost and overwritten files become a thing of the past.

SUSTAINABILITY SOFTWARE ? SolidWorks Sustainability helps design teams reduce the carbon footprint of products and reduce pollution. By conducting life cycle assessment (LCA) directly within SolidWorks, designers can see how region-specific material sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal will affect their product?s life cycle?before manufacturing begins.

Thanks goes to the usual people for their help and commitment.
Read the NFO and ReadMe txt files before installing. This is slightly different to the usual.

Solidworks 2012 Win 32 & 64 SP2.0 UPDATE ONLY:
Service pack 2.0 for Solidworks 2012 you need to have Solidworks 2012 already installed as this is the update files only. You will also need to mount image while installing.
This torrent contains service packs for SP0 to SP2 or SP1 to SP2.
There is a pdf document with all details on how to install.
Please read the pdf carefully before installing.
There is no fix required nor is there one included in this torrent, if you have used the torrent file mentioned below, the fix will still continue to work. I do not know if this will work if you have used other solutions.

Solidworks 2011 & 2012 Tutorials - Video - SolidProfessor

Solidworks 2011 Tutorials include:
2011 Update Training
2011 Core Concepts
2011 3D Skills

2011 AutoCAD to SolidWorks
2011 Advanced Parts
2011 Advanced Assemblies

2011 Weldments
2011 Sheet Metal

2011 File Management
2011 SolidWorks Workgroup PDM
2011 Toolbox and Design Library

2011 3DVia Composer Quick Start
2011 DriveWorksXpress
2011 SimulationXpress

2011 TolAnalyst
2011 Intro to eDrawings

2011 Surfacing Essentials
2011 Mold Tools And Plastic Design

2011 CAMWorks Mill
2011 CAMWorks Turn

2011 SolidWorks Certification

2011 SolidWorks Routing

2011 SolidWorks Simulation
2011 Solidworks Flow Simulation

2011 Case Studies
Case Studies - Basic Mechanisms
Case Studies - Parts And Assemblies
Case Studies - Advanced Surfacing Models
Case Studies - Advanced Parts

Solidworks 2012 Tutorials include:
2012 Update Training

2012 3D Skills
2012 AutoCAD to SolidWorks
2012 Drawings
2012 SimulationXpress

Training files are included for all the above.
Also included is an assortment of "Ask SP Tips volume 114-123" which are very helpful.
These are in individual lessons so if you have downloaded some previously, you can grab the ones you don't have.
Thanks goes to the usual teams that bring us great releases, quickly and tirelessly, your work is appreciated thank you.
As usual please be patient as my speed is not great and most of all enjoy your training.
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