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Battlefield III [Update 4] -Repack by R.G. Revenants [2011/MULTI2]

Battlefield III [Update 4] -Repack by R.G. Revenants [2011/MULTI2] | 9,7 Gb
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 2011
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Battlefield 3 is leaving behind all its competitors, thanks to the incredible power of the new game engine Frostbite в„ў 2 from DICE. In this work of art based the entire Battlefield 3, offering the player a great quality of graphics, locations of incredible proportions, complete destruction of objects, dynamic sound and realistic character animation. You will be able to experience the battlefield like never before, with the whistling bullets around, crumbling walls and knocking you off your feet by explosions. In Battlefield 3, players will become an elite U.S. Marine Corps, and immerse yourself in the exciting task of the single player and superb multiplayer battles across the world, including Paris, Tehran and New York.

Battlefield III [Update 4] -Repack by R.G. Revenants [2011/MULTI2]
Battlefield III [Update 4] -Repack by R.G. Revenants [2011/MULTI2]

- Frostbite 2 - Battlefield 3 is Frostbite 2, the incredible technology raises the animation, destruction, lighting, and sound in the scale hitherto unseen heights. Built on a powerful engine that Battlefield 3 is completely immerses players in the game world.
- Feel the fight - Feel the bullets and explosions hit, pull wounded comrades from the thick of the battle and shoot with a stop to almost any surface. Battlefield 3 stunning animation, wonderful special effects and realistic battlefield will allow you to feel the true sense of the war, as in any game of this genre.
- The entire set of equipment - The best game incarnation of battles with the use of technology becomes more perfect, pushing in a battle of supersonic fighter with an impressive set of ground, air and marine equipment. Other favorite features and returning fans - cards for 64 players and the ability to lie on the ground.
- Battles in the city-Take the fighting today's war on the legendary and unexpected places in the U.S., the Middle East and Europe, including the narrow streets, the central metropolitan area and open, allowing the use of technology types of terrain.

Features Update 4:

Adds a complement Back to Karkand
Improved orders panel for PCs
Improvements panel orders based in part on feedback from the fans.
Panel orders will vary depending on where you nahoditec (transport and infantry have a different menu).
Each function is an appropriate voice message, while appearing on the map corresponding to the flashing icons, such as when a partner asks for help through the panel orders.

Improved minimap
Was regulated by the level of detail minimap to give the player a clear picture of what is happening.
There will be three new modes minimap.

Corrections in the server side:
Maps in the playlist will not be repeated several times in a row.
When you make a new map in the maplist server, and then run the command "mapList.runNextRound" the server will discard the remaining rounds of the current map and move to the next card in the list.
The list can now include up to 1,000 positions.
The team will now return mapList.lst at least 100 entries. To view the entire list of cards, repeat the command mapList.lst with increasing bias.

Corrections in the gameplay:
Increased efficiency of the resistance of the explosions.
Invincibility for the revival is not lost if the player looks.
Anti-aircraft guns CRAM, mounted on an aircraft carrier, receive awards, as a stationary weapon.
Players will no longer take damage when falling from a small height.
Players will now be quicker to get up from a prone position
Fixed times when players did not work to revive the
Reduced the appearance of a black screen with the revival of
Increased invulnerable for a revival with up to 2 seconds, but it soon disappears when movement or shot
Increased rate of return of the accuracy of shooting after running
Increased efficiency and reduced accuracy when the player is under the overwhelming fire
Drovobiki with buckshot cartridges and needles give a smaller effect on the suppression of the medium and long range
Balanced level of damage when using buckshot cartridges and needles
Increased suppression of ammunition .44 magnum, .357 magnum and 5.8x42mm DAP88 cartridges from Type88
When running the attempt to sit or lie down properly interrupt the sprint
Increased efficiency of specialization to the suppression of the resistance
Increased efficiency of the resistance of explosions
Parachute is now easier to control the speed of rotation and tilt increased
Increased speed switching weapons
The bipod can be put in place above the chin
The bipod can be put on a sloping surface
Fixed some problems with jumping facilities
Knife kills are now cutting the 2 strokes
Corrections Technology:
AAV is now able to approach and 3-positional camera when using the tower.
Installation of switching and increase camera now also act on the turret on the jeep, transport helicopters, boats and loopholes in the BMP.
For all Jeeps added tone / signal.
Tanks can no longer go under the water and cross the lagoon on Wake Island.
Unmanaged tank missiles and RPGs are now instantly destroy aircraft, attack helicopters and intelligence
A10 gets points properly
Increased the damage of the main weapons of main battle tanks to the front and side armor of other tanks.
For the TV missiles have been made more corrections to it could not blow it started the mc.
Slightly reduced the rate of repair soldering equipment
Increased the damage on the landline. guns for armored vehicles
Increased rate and minimal damage to the coaxial machine gun
Increased the damage of .50 caliber machine gun at long distances
The power of a soldering iron, as the destruction of machinery, and the murder of soldiers
Fixed problem with guidance on the next two goals are. Applies to all guns, which capture the target.
Reduced the guidance of laser guns on the labeled target
Increased the damage, and Javelin missiles, air-ground
Laser guided missiles can now be reset IC traps
Increased distance of target lock on the aircraft with missiles air land, if the target is captured by laser
It also reduced the time of capture for these missiles
Reduced the capture target missiles air-air
IR traps will no longer reset the takeover target, but the rocket
Trap infrared helicopters better divert the rocket
Trap infrared aircraft and helicopters recharge 11 seconds, the second pilot and left 20
From air to air missiles (in-in) is now more difficult to evade
Missiles-in will no longer kill the driver of the vehicle instead of
Missiles-in will no longer explode before they reach the goal
Reduced damage to the missile, in the aircraft up to 45%
Fixed speed missiles, in a SU-35, it was lower than in other TS
The needle and the Stinger is now faster and output are induced air ts with one hit, reduced range of
Increased capture rate in the helicopter, a missile
Slightly reduced damage aircraft guns on the air ton
Increased the damage and the RPG Smaw on air mc
Guided missiles will track only on ground targets
Lowered the damage of Gunner armor attack helicopter against the
Guns helicopters will now be more correct to suppress
Increased accuracy of guided and unguided missiles from helicopters
Slightly increased the damage to the helicopter missiles against infantry and other helicopters
MI-28 was updated abilities off-course
Fixed an issue where the guided missile MI-28 gun is not followed properly
Increased accuracy of the MI-28 gun, now it corresponds to AH-1
Increased the damage by direct contact with armor-piercing projectile shells BMP (IFV).
Reduced the time of capture guided missile BMP (IFV)
Minigun and helicopter guns quickly destroyed parked cars
The power of car bombings and other objects
Adjusted the center of mass of F-35 for a more stable hovering and vertical take-off
Updated weapon system F-35 aircraft to comply with other
In the F-35 and SU-35 ejection seat adjusted to the pilot did not kill when you exit the plane
The errors associated with the collision of air ts and not receiving damage while
Will no longer be suicides and team kills in the destruction of his ton-
Mav will no longer destroy the enemy TC in a collision with them, he himself will be destroyed
The collision of aircraft and helicopters will lead to the destruction of both mc.
Now you can mark with EOD bot
The stationary anti-aircraft guns and armor of CRAM radar equipped aircraft by default
Reduced damage against infantry anti-aircraft guns
Improved audio feedback when damaged equipment
Extinguisher at the A-10 is now working properly
Increased speed of the rear of disabled mc
Crosshairs of the main tools for T90 more accurately reflects the trajectory of
In Z11w ability now works correctly below the radar
Below the radar and prevents the seizure of the needle and the Stinger.
Added enlarged store to AC SHAFT, it opens at 200 kills with this weapon
Reduced returns from SCS, and increased damage by small distances.
Fixed precision Pechenegs, she is now in line with other guns
Semi-automatic shotguns and now deal less damage with shrapnel bullets
In M26 MASS is now more effective shrapnel shells and BPS.
Fixed bug animation L96
Cartridges 9h39 no longer give a bonus for a shot in the head
Increased the damage 9h39mm rounds at long range.
Fixed damage AKSU at long range, it now as the other rifles
Increased the damage of .357 and .44 rounds at long range.
All semi-automatic rifles and rifles with the bolt, including shotguns with BPS, now inflict the maximum damage to 15 meters.
Semi-automatic weapons will no longer "stick" if the player presses the fire faster than weapons can shoot.
In semi-automatic sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns damage increased to a maximum distance.
Slightly reduced the spread of needle cartridges
On the M1014, Saiga and DAO-12 reduced the scatter fraction
In USAS-12 and the reduced rate of MK3A1 using fragmentation rounds
Added patch for the use of M26 MASS.
Grenade smoke grenade does not pass through the enemy before the explosion.
Grenade launchers from Russian fighters are now correctly displayed in the "killfide" as the GP30.
40-mm grenade launcher shot AEK971 no longer appears as a discontinuous killfide
40-mm smoke grenade will no longer fly "through" the soldiers and objects.
The accuracy and efficiency of certain brands of weapons configured to balance their performance and increase the feeling of uniqueness.
- M27 IAR: no change. M27 - a heavy version of the M416, her overall performance is better, but worse in motion.
- RPK-74M: initial and vertical recoil reduced. RPK-74 is more stable in the shooting than the M27, though she did not have enough of the rate of fire.
- M249: added the initial returns. M249 - the fastest gun, with great force and damage podavleniya.Nachalnaya recoil makes moving to the conduct of the fire more difficult, while at the same time, the overall picture has a small effect.
- Type 88: Initial output increased slightly, leading stem reduced. Type88 - the slowest of the medium-caliber machine guns. However, the rate of drawback is compensated by a better handling of these weapons.
SCP - feedback is reduced, but the initial returns increased, also increased the damage at long range. In Pecheneg strong vertical recoil, high damage and a small diversion of the trunk, making it an indispensable weapon prolonged fire.
- M60: Reduced initial recoil damage increased at all distances. M60 has a very low rate, which makes it very manageable weapon with powerful bullets h51mm 7.62.
- M240B: added the initial recoil damage increased at all distances. One of the fastest machine guns, M240 is characterized by constant takes the barrel, and difficult to control.
- QBB-95: The overall impact is reduced, but increased efficiency at the beginning of shooting
- MG36: increased efficiency at the beginning of shooting
- 870: no change
- DAO-12: Reduced the number of fractions from 12 to 9 units.
- M1014: Reduced the number of fractions from 12 to 9 units. Increased rate of from 200 to 210
- S12k: Increase the number of rounds, using the larger the store, from 8 to 10. Reduced the number of fractions from 12 to 9 units
- MK3A1: increased the number of rounds, using the larger store, with 8 to 12. Reduced the number of fractions from 12 to 9 units
- USAS-12: increased initial returns. Reduced the number of fractions from 12 to 9 units
- M4A1: no change
- M4: Improved efficiency and reduced vertical gorizotnalnaya
- AKS-74U: initial and reduced vertical impact
- SG553: initial and reduced vertical impact
- A91: no change
- G36C: reduced initial returns
- SCAR-H: Increased damage at the maximum distance and increased the maximum distance of defeat
- G53: diminished returns, now it is like other rifles
- QBZ-95B: reduced muzzle swings
- AK-74M: initial and reduced vertical impact
- M16A3: no change
- M16A4: reduced initial and horizontal impact
- AEK-971: increased initial recoil slightly reduced accuracy
- F2000: reduced vertical recoil, slightly increased the accuracy
- AN94: reduced vertical output
- G3A3: reduced vertical impact and damage increased
- KH2002: no change
- L85A2: increased accuracy and reduced muzzle swings
- FAMAS: now has a shop at 25 rounds
- PP2000: increased initial returns
- UMP45: increased accuracy when firing long burst
- MP7: no change
- AS VAL: increased vertical recoil reduced initial returns, reduced shooting accuracy on the move
- PDW-R: reduced initial returns
- P90: reduced initial returns
- PP-19: a little bit reduced initial returns
Accessory of arms:

Correction of a 7-fold the sight, which did not increase in full on all weapons
Adjusted laser sight on the M39, now it just points to the place of contact
Fixed 6x scope on G3
Fixed sights PKA and PKA-S on the M416
The closure of a direct effect on the L96 is now working properly
Adjusted to fly L96
L96 is now properly glare when using 8 and 12-fold elevations
Tuned infrared sight
Fixed infrared sight on the QBU-88 and L96


Significantly improved accuracy and reduced recoil assault rifles and carbines
Increased speed of installation bipod

Thick trunk:

Reduced vertical output
Increased accuracy
Increased speed of a bullet from A91, G3A3, AKS-74u, G36C, M4A1, SCAR-H, SG553, G53, and QBZ-95B. The minimum and maximum damage has remained unchanged. Weapons with a thick barrel would be more effective at medium ranges.

Setting the IR / NV:

IR / NV is configured to operate over the same on all cards
Fixed rendering, when a player looks into the infrared sight and gets damaged.
The increase of IR / NV and visible area of ??sight adjusted so as to be identical to any weapon. (At some weapons sighting was faster).
IR / NV on sniper rifles QBU-88 and L96 are corrected to look correct.

The front handle:

Global reduction of horizontal slip barrel was changed to specific weapons for each brand. For most of the weapons that change almost imperceptibly, but with "guns" with a strong horizontal shaft takes it significantly. On the FAMAS, F2000, and AEK-971 is an innovation impact is particularly strong, and AK-74, M16, and M416 is almost untouched.
Added a slight decrease in accuracy for the front handle. Players who prefer to fight in the middle and far distance, may want to replace this gadget. Those who fought mostly in the melee, do not notice the difference. The combination of the front handle with a silencer or a heavy barrel will cancel the decrease of accuracy.

Laser Sight:

Accuracy when firing from the hip was extended. The increase in accuracy is not globally, and specifically for each weapon.


The muffler is no longer reduces the damage of weapons, which it is installed. Instead, it limits the range, becoming perfectly suited for close combat and exploration.
Reduced efficiency in the installation of the muffler is on the same level 10. This is less than reducing the impact of a flame arrester.
Reduced accuracy when firing from the hip is no longer global, but specific to each weapon.
Bonus accuracy of aimed fire was reduced from 50% to 25.

Flash suppressor:

Now flash suppressor will not reduce the accuracy of automatic fire.
Now flash suppressor also suppresses the impact, reducing the diversion of the vertical shaft to a certain extent for each weapon.
Added a slight decrease in accuracy for shooting from the hip to reliably reflect the weight of the flame arrester.


Reduced the "mark" (spot) of explosive C4 and Claymore mines, instead of 30 seconds will now be 15.
Tuned physics and control of EOD Bot, to improve its ability to target and konroliruemost.
Beacon, mortar, MAV, EOD Bot, T-UGS and SOFLAM will now be much easier to install.
When faced with a soldier MAV will be destroyed. They can still kill, but the process will be destroyed and himself gadget.
Now the MAV is now correctly displayed in the "killfide."
Now the MAV will not be used as a platform.


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