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Neverend-Repack by Sash HD [2005/MULTI2]

Neverend-Repack by Sash HD [2005/MULTI2] | 995 Mb
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng Rus | Developed by: Mayhem Studios | Publisher: Media Service 2000 / Dusk2Dawn Interactive
Genre: RPG / 3D

Quite a custom RPG, made ??in the style of the unforgettable Final Fantasy.
We offer to visit the unique fantasy world where death and danger lurk at every turn. The story tells of a young sinner, who in every possible way to find redemption. Many have also been compared with another hit Neverend - Fable. With the brainchild of Peter Molyneux toy have in common is an abundance of features and amazing interactivity of the world. In particular, the plot will have multiple endings, and a choice of options in the dialogue will actually influence the behavior of the NPC and its relationship to the hero.

Neverend-Repack by Sash HD [2005/MULTI2]
Neverend-Repack by Sash HD [2005/MULTI2]

You play as a fairy Azhaven, which has found its place among the thieves. Once accomplices threw Azhaven, leaving her no schem, and still taking with him her necklace. Quests it, killing various demons along the way, wandering from village to village in search of them. Finding someone who can help her, Azhaven, begins to solve its problems ...


Delicious addictive epic story.
The original combat system.
Three-dimensional map of the battle and wandering.
Prerenderennye backgrounds with realistic and detailed graphics.
The ability to create their own spells with magical runes.
Surround sound technology with EAX 3.0.

Features Repack'a

At the core - the license of the Media Service 2000
Do not cut / no recoded
Russian + English voice
Installation time - 2 min. Author - Sash HD

System Requirements:
OC Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz,
512 MB ??of memory,
graphics card with 128 MB of memory,
Sound card compatible with DirectX,
2.7 GB HDD


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